Ryder is an AKC Champion

On January 10, 2010 Ryder finished his championship at only 15 months of age. I couldn't be more proud of Chris and Ryder!


Ryder looking for Santa!

Ryder thinks he hears Santa on the roof. I think he better get to sleep so Santa doesn't pass him by!


UKC Champion Ryder....

On October 10 and 11 Chris, LaDonna and I went to four UKC shows in Maryland and Chris and Ryder were an unbeatable pair! The won Best of Breed in stiff competition all four shows and also three group 1's and one group 2. They went on to win three Reserve Bests in Show! I am so proud of this team! In the pictures below you can see most of the ribbons they won that weekend.


Steeler celebrated his first birthday!

On September 24, 2009 this litter turned 1 year old. Here are pictures of Steeler's birthday party!


Shiloh and Georgia

Shiloh has grown into a very pretty girl and I hear that she is the star of her agility class. Shiloh has been learning all about agility and is having a very good time. She is pictured here with her favorite toy.It looks like she loves her toysPictured below are Jersey and Georgia. I hear Georgia is a little spoiled but I am sure Jersey has taught her some manners.


New pictures of Georgia and Ryder

Ryder is enjoying watching 101 Dalmatians on TV. I think Bella must have seen it before.Below is Georgia with her buddy Jersey. Georgia is a little spoiled I am told and likes to cuddle!
Here she is again looking very pretty!



Here are some pictures of Sarah who was the only liver and white puppy in the Garrett - Gambit litter. She was formerly known as Ameraucana. She has grown into a beautiful young lady. She is waiting to go on a vacation trip in the RV to Ocean Lakes Campground, Mrytle Beach.
" Ok...let's go! I'll drive!"
"I really have a great view....vacations are so much fun. I have the greatest family because they take me too when they go away!"


Ryder and Bizzi's first sleep over...

This weekend Chris and I went to the Medina shows with Ryder and Bizzi and spent the night in a Motel. This is not new for Bizzi but was a brand new experience for Ryder.Bizzi teasing Ryder with her toy. When he would get near she would roar like a lion at him. Below he is trying to get up the nerve to try to take the toy.He is getting closer!At last he gets the nerve to try to take it...
As you can see she wasn't going to give it up!
We had a great time and so did the dogs. The judges didn't really like Bizzi this weekend but Ryder was Reserve Winners Dog both days! We call him M.A.P. which stands for Mister Almost Perfect! Ryder is a great puppy and Chris is bringing out the best in him. What fun I am having watching these two learn about showing. I am proud of them both I might add!



Sidney gives a high five or in this case four....Today Chris most graciously opened up her home for the GPDC to hold our meeting. What a wonderful time we all had. The food was wonderful and Ladonna was the designated driver so I enjoyed my fill of Swampwater! Chris even made a carry out bag full of Chartruese, pineapple juice, lemons and limes so I could partake in this lucious beverage whenever I feel the urge! Some of us brought our dogs who had a blast chasing each other around the pool. Here are some pictures of Sidney looking very handsome at 9 months old. It was great to see Sidney again as well as he owners Millie and Paul.

Below are two pictures of beautiful blue eyed Bella who is a full sister to my Bizzi and owned by Chris.


Steeler the lap dog.....

This is steeler with his good friend Hailey. He wants to sit in her lap but there doesn't seem to be quite enough lap. He wears his ear on backwards like his Mom.